Get the season off to a good start!
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Get the season off to a good start!

Get the season off to a good start!



Get the season off to a good start!
Winter is now behind us and the desire to get the bike out is pressing. But first, restarting requires some precautions.


Test the battery
Testing the battery is the first step. If you have thought about disconnecting your battery and storing it in a dry and temperate place, then you have a good chance that it will still be operational. You can still perform the check with a battery charger. Preferably use a charger suitable for motorcycle batteries. If it is completely or partially discharged, simply recharge it with a battery charger suitable for motorcycles.


Inflate the tires
When standing still for a long period of time, tires tend to deflate. Tire pressure adjustments may be required before leaving. The ideal pressure is the one recommended by the manufacturers. Underinflated tires are dangerous and wear faster. Check the wear and tear condition as well. The sculptures must not be below the depth gauge indicator.


Inspect the chain
For the next step, check the lubrication and tension of the chain. The tension must be correct, not too tight or too flexible. Then clean and lubricate the chain with a special lubricant.


Drain the oil and petrol
Your motorcycle having been immobilized for several months, it is advisable to drain its engine and to drain the petrol that has remained in the tank. Like many parts, the inside of the engine oxidizes. It is strongly recommended to drain the engine oil completely even if it has only half the expected mileage and change the oil filter before starting to run again.


Grease the cables and hinge pins of the levers
If your bike still has some, make sure that the clutch and accelerator cables run properly through the sheaths. This requires a small amount of cleaning with an anti-seize and lubricating agent. Activate the mechanics after the product has passed through. In the process, also grease all hinge pins, shock absorbers, etc.


Test the lights
Being seen and seeing well is essential for your own safety and that of others. Check that all bulbs are working (headlights, turn signals, stop lights, dashboard lighting) and change the bulbs if necessary. The bases may have oxidized during the wintering period. Also remember to clean the headlights.


Check the levels
Before jumping into the saddle of your motorcycle, check the levels of all the liquids. This operation is of course carried out on a flat surface so that it is not misrepresented.


You are finally ready to go back on the road!
However, do not leave right away for hours of driving. It is advisable to start with a small running-in session, to get everything back on track and make sure everything is fine. Also take advantage of these first few turns to make sure your brakes are working properly.



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